Our in-person piano lesson covers...

Technical Skills

Phrasing and tonality, rhythms, articulations, scales, chords, arpeggios, music interpretation and musicality will be learned within the lesson.

Musicianship Skills

Music notation and sight-reading, ear- training, aural skills, and theory.

Music Theory & History

Including musical form, harmony, and tonalities, which aid the performer in understanding music.

Creative Activites

Games, movements, using our imaginations, a visual activity like drawing and painting, improvisation, and composition.

The lessons are tailored to individual students in their needs. Every student will be set up a short term and long term goals to plan and meet the goals at a comfortable pace. The lessons are once or twice a week. In my studio, each student will have an opportunity to engage in activities like studio recital, RCM examination, festivals, and competitions

Beginning students learn the fundamentals of keyboard performance and technique at their own pace: basic knowledge of rhythmic values (i.e. whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, etc.) and the ability to sight-read at the piano in both treble and bass clefs. ​ ​


Intermediate students learn the ability to play major/minor scales and arpeggios working on more advanced works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Chopin and etc. ​


Advanced students design and develop their own unique study repertoire, learning different techniques and styles through an array of masterpieces.


In-person private lessons require to wear a mask, keeping 6 feet distance between teachers and students and piano will be sanitized between each lesson.

In-Person Private Lessons (one on one lesson)

Private Lessons (30 min)

30min X 4 Lessons = $180
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Private Lessons (45 min)

45min X 4 Lessons = $240
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Private Lessons (1 hour)

1 Hour X 4 Lessons = $320
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In-Person Small Group Lessons (maximum class size: 3)

Group Piano Class I

30min X 4 Lessons = $130
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Group Piano Class II

45min X 4 Lessons = $150
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Group Piano Class III

1hr X 4 Lessons = $175
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